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About Us
As a Napoleonic re-enactment group we seek to portray Number 6 Company, 2nd Bn Coldstream Guards as it would have been at the time of the battle of Waterloo in 1815. We are family orientated and members are encouraged to bring wives, girlfriends and children to take part in events as from a living history perspective no military camp could have managed on campaign without them. These events normally take place over a weekend and are held throughout the UK and occasionally abroad.

Is this the hobby for me
Firstly you must be able to get yourself to and from events, new recruits to the soldiers ranks only pay £15 to attend as a trial member and we will loan you all your Uniform and Equipment for the weekend. Recruits can return for a second event for an additional £15, then if they wish to complete a third event then they can do so free of charge. We consider this to be excellent value for money for people who want to try the hobby out before committing large sums of money for kit.

Soldier's wives and families are expected to take on appropriate Living History roles with the group and can initially borrow clothing by prior arrangement. They are subject to a yearly membership fee of £25 (this is reduced if a family member is a Full Member) and are expected to purchase their own clothing which can be sourced from within the group.

Taking the King's Shilling
To carry and fire a Brown Bess musket in the ranks you will be need to be a minimum age of 17 and be fit enough to march and take part in the displays. If after three events you apply for Full Membership you would be expected to obtain both Shotgun and Black Powder Licences from your local Police Firearms Department. You will pay the group a £50 joining fee, followed by a monthly subscription of £15. In return we will supply all your uniform and equipment which is then paid for over the period of your membership.

Nulli Scundus!!
"Second to None!" the Regimental Motto of the Coldstream Guards

For further information please read the Recruit Information Sheet

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